Hi Julie,

Bailey is a very smart dog and we love her. She leaves our cranes and deer alone. Her instincts tell her to get the birds to but she knows she shouldn't. 

The kids have her bringing the mail home and she is so proud of herself when she delivers it to me.


Miss Libby is doing great! I had to get a heart worm test and she weighed 87lb at the vet. she is a little mischievous lately with being home all the time with the Stay home Stay safe. She is a big sweetheart. She is such a good girl. She loves to swim and fetch birds for my husband. Our daughter is her favorite. Thank you for her. 


We bought Marshall Tucker from you around Easter time 2019. Thank you for letting us adopt this beautiful boy. PS he is the Best!

We are hunkered down and doing well. (we call him Tucker) He is awesome. So Sweet. His personality is as big as his heart. He is about 80lb at 13 mo. He never bards at people... has learned to walk off the leash and come to us. 

Ken & Sandy S

Pictures of Bella x Dakota Past Litters


Boys from 1st litter.

Testimonies and Pictures from our first litter with Bella x Dakota  ~  Born: Feb 26, 2019

Hi Julie,

Gus is awesome. Great flusher works awesome with a pointer to. He sleeps on his back all the time. Gus Started bird school and is doing great. He is having a blast there. 


Raising Champion Hunting Labradors


Rosie love to go out and play with the kids. She is enjoying swimming. She plays well with other dogs and is totally house trained. She is a great puppy. The kids love her, we play fetch everyday. Thanks!


You mean this 70lb lab dog who just turned 13mo? She is doing great! I could not be happier with my decision to bring her home. She's happy, healthy and an absolute handful and we could not imagine life without her! She loves the water and boat rides.  She is just Awesome. 


Pictures of Bella x Dakota 2nd litter   Born Jan 30, 2020

Girls from 1st litter.