3/13/2020 ~  6 weeks

We all got our first car ride to the vet today. He looked at our ears, eyes and listened to our heart. We all got a clean bill of health. We also got our 1st shots. That wasn't very much fun but we took it like a champ. When we got home we got to go outside for a little bit. We had so much fun.

Here is what we weigh today:

Yellow Black: 11.04lb  ~ Yellow Blue: 10.2lb

Chocolate Red: 11.0lb ~ Chocolate Grey: 10.6lb ~ Chocolate Orange: 10.6lb ~

Chocolate Green: 11.1lb ~ Chocolate Light Blue: 10.2lb

2/8/2020 ~  1 week

We are doing good. Went to the vet on Tuesday, had our dew claws removed. Vet said we looked healthy and were nice and plump. Mom put collars on us today and clipped our nails. Next week we should be opening our eyes. 

2/15/2020 ~  2 weeks

We have our eyes open now and starting to get around better on our feet. We still eat and sleep but we are starting to pay attention to our surroundings. 

2/1/2020 ~ 2 days old

We are eating and doing good. Mommy is keeping us fed and clean. We try to give her a break once in awhile but love to have her attention. Right now all we do is eat and sleep. 

3/7/2020 ~  5 weeks

Hi everyone! we are doing good here. Playing and eating and sleeping.. and getting BIGGER!! see how much we grew in a week. We hope to be able to go outside soon to explore with the weather starting to get nice.

Here is what we weigh today:

Yellow Black: 9.5lb  ~ Yellow Blue: 8.0lb

Chocolate Red: 9.0lb ~ Chocolate Grey: 8.5lb ~ Chocolate Orange: 9.5lb ~

Chocolate Green: 9.5lb ~ Chocolate Light Blue: 8.5lb


Bella x Dakota's ~ 7 Boys 

Born: Jan 30, 2020

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2/29/2020 ~  4 weeks

Its leap day!! Our first one EVER!! We are doing great! Mommy is starting to wean us and we are eating softened puppy food and milk. We are growing every day and love playing. We are so cute and soft! Marissa and Devin love to come out and play and hold us. We are getting lots of attention. We are also finding our voices and let everyone know if we are hungry. :)

Here is what we weigh today:

Yellow Black: 7.0lb  ~ Yellow Blue: 5.5lb

Chocolate Red: 6.0lb ~ Chocolate Grey: 5.5lb ~ Chocolate Orange: 6.5lb ~

Chocolate Green: 7.0lb ~ Chocolate Light Blue: 6.5lb

2/22/2020 ~  3 weeks

We are getting bigger everyday. Mommy is taking good care of us. Soon we will be able to try eating some milk out of a bowl. We are starting to play around with our sisters and brothers and get around better. We are exploring our surroundings and love to bark at each other. 

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