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1st Litter

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Hi it's Ron, Maple is doing great here in northern Michigan. Can't wait till she's done with here chewing stage haha, but she's been great!!!
Hope you like the couple pictures I sent of Maple. And can't wait till you make a Facebook page so I can leave a great review about you and your dogs/puppies!

3/30/16- Just wanted to let you know how happy Ronald is with Maple. She is a hunting machine! and she's not even a year old!


She is doing great! We named her Della and she loves her new home! Here a few pictures from the last week. She's getting so big already!! 

Lindsey B

Hi Julie,
She is doing great! We named her River. We love her sweet personality and we are having so much fun with her! She loves to play and snuggle. 
I attached a few pictures so you can see how she has grown. She was 18lbs at the vet yesterday. 

Hey Julie,

Our puppy is doing great! We named her Cici. Kimber did not care for her at first but they get a long so well now. She is a really good puppy in terms of staying right around the house, hopefully she continues to be this way once she gets a bit older :)


Hi Julie,
Lucy is doing great!! She went to the vet last week and weighs 18 pounds. She is doing really good with potty training. She is so smart!!  We love her!!  Thank you!!

Lindsey K

Hi Julie,
I wanted to send you some updated pictures of River and let you know she is doing great! She has a wonderful temperament and we get compliments all the time about how sweet she is. She is great with kids and other dogs. People can't believe how calm she is for a lab puppy! She's such a good girl. 
Thanks again for everything!

Melissa C

Hey Julie! Just wanted to say hi and send you some more pictures of Della  :) She is still doing great and learning a ton every day. We got her an electric fence and she loves being able to run free in the yard! This next pic is of her in December on the way to take a swim in the river. She loves to swim!

Lindsay B

Heres a pic of " Gauge ". 4 and a half months. 48 lbs . Hes been awesome to have.
Keith & Jamie

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