Raising Champion Hunting Labradors

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Hi Julie,
 Wally is a sweet, cuddly puppy who loves to play with his brother Kodi and cousins. We just got home from up north where he got to swim and play all day. He has been a breath of fresh air in our family and we cannot thank you enough for providing us with our baby. 
Thanks again! 
Charlie and Laurie

Hi Julie, 

He is a joy to have around the house. Odin definitely brings a sense of livelihood to our house as well as a lot of love and joy. It’s great coming home to him and being able to play with him a bit then take a short nap with him lol.
Thank you,
Akshar P

 I wanted to tell you thank you for such a great dog. Hunter is doing great. I've never had a puppy so easy to train. He was house trained in less than 2 weeks. He is SUCH a mellow dog. He is just as happy taking a nap on the couch as he is running in the woods. We just got in from snowshoeing. It the first time he's really been off a leash other than in the yard and he did awesome. I can't wait to get him in the water this summer. I get so many compliments about how good looking he is. Even my vet said he's one of the better looking puppies that he's seen.
The real reason for this email is to say if anyone ever asks you for references please feel free to give them my email address. I just took that pic. I think I tired him out.

Thanks again

Hi Julie,
I just wanted to write a short email giving you an update on Hank. Hank is doing so well. We had a great time celebrating his 1st birthday with him in February. He is getting very big as you can see from the pictures. He weighs a little of 90 pounds and is just full of the puppy energy that we love. He loves going on walks and playing.  We take Hank to the dog park four or more times a week and he just loves interacting with all the other dogs there. You can tell that he comes from a great hunting line because he just loves to swim and retrieve. Neither of us are hunters but we purchased a dokken duck for Hank a couple of weeks ago and he just loves retrieving it.We just could not be any happier with him.
Lauren and Brandon

Hi Julie!
Hope you are doing well! Ellie is growing up so fast! She is such a sweet puppy, we have all fallen in love with her! Here are a few pictures for you!
Blessings to you and your family this Christmas!

Hi Julie,

Emma is doing very well.. Very mischievous, getting us house broke, training cats to stay outside, and trying to be pals with our Bernice Mountain Dog.
She is a very good puppy on the days we take long walks, drives or if  I have her outside working with me.  Very smart. So if she does not have something to do she is good at looking around and finding something to do Good, Bad, and Ugly

The Wellers

Hi Julie,
So good to hear from you. Coco has been keeping us extremely busy. She is an absolutely beautiful dog and also highly intelligent.
We absolutely LOVE her though, even despite her "alphaness" (haha) , she is a huge part of our family. She is so adorable and always gets complimented on what a beautiful dog she is.  She loves to go for boat rides, loves swimming in the lake and is very protective of her family.  I will keep you posted of her progress and growth - kids are already planning her 1st bday party!


Hi Julie

just thought I would update you on onyx. He's doing great, retrieving in the water already and is super smart. He is 38.5 lbs at 12 weeks and growing like a weed. 

Nick B

Hi Julie,
We just wanted to send you an updated picture of Walter because tomorrow is his 2nd birthday! He has been such a great dog and is such a lover; thank you again for bringing him to our family! 
Laurie M.

 Lucy & Gunner Puppies