2 Weeks old!! ~03/24/2017

 We got to go outside today for the 1st time. It was so nice on our blanket getting some fresh air and our pictures taken. We cant wait til we get bigger and it gets warmer so we can be out more. Our eyes are opened but we cant see to well yet. We love to eat! Cant you tell? Just think we only have 5 to 6 weeks and we can go home!


Pictures of Jewel & Gunners Puppies Born March 10th, 2017.

We are blessed with 4 healthy chocolate GIRLS!

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4 Weeks Old!! ~ 4/8/17

We will be starting to eat softened puppy food this week. We are getting around better and playing with toys and exploring outside when its nice. we weighed Yellow 8lb, white 8lb, pink 8.5lb, red 8.5lb today.. (we are about 2 to 3lb bigger than mommy's puppies last litter at this age) But there is only 4 of us not 9!

​(Under the picture the collar color is listed so you know what puppy it is!) Picture days are so fun. The kids love to help and Marissa enjoys setting up photo props for the pictures.

Just Born Pictures

 6 Weeks Old!!! 4/23/2017

I know some of you came this weekend to pick us out and visit but we just had to have a couple pictures of us on this site at 6 weeks old:)

We weigh ~ Red 14.5lb ~ Yellow 13.0lb ~ White 13.5lb ~ Pink 14.5lb

It was hard to get an exact weight (we were being so wiggly) but we will get one tomorrow at the vet.

  3 Weeks Old!! ~04/01/17

 We have our eyes are open now and we are getting around a little better. We are keeping mommy busy feeding us and cleaning up after us.  This is our weight today: white 6.5lb, Yellow 6.0lb, Red 6.5lb, Pink 7.0lb

( Devin & Marissa love to pet and hold us :) with a lot of supervision of course!)

​In pictures with all four: the Red is on the Orange Flower, Yellow on Yellow, Pink on Pink and White on Green Flower

 7 Weeks Old!!! 4/28/2017

We love playing outside if the weather is nice. Running thru the grass and tackling our sisters. We cant wait to go to our new homes soon.  Sending you puppy kisses :)

We weighed at the vet on monday~ Red (red got a black collar for some of the pictures since her sisters chewed it to peices) 15.0lb  ~ Yellow 12.9lb ~ White 13.5lb ~ Pink 14.5lb

1 Week old!! ~03/18/2017

 We are getting bigger everyday I think we have doubled in size. Keeping mommy busy feeding us and cleaning us up. Its a big job but she is doing good job with us. We got our dew claws removed by the vet on Tuesday. With only four of us we are going to be FAT!! 

5 Weeks Old!!! 4/14/2017

I am now eating puppy food and playing with our toys and wrestling with my sisters. I have my puppy teeth and love exploring out side.

We weigh ~ Red 11.5lb ~ Yellow 10.5lb ~ White 10.5lb ~ Pink 11.0lb

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